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Downloadable Commands for the Medical Provider

Free Commands for Downloading

For the medical practitioner wanting a "jump start" in the implementation of speech recognition, we are delighted to offer a collection of ready made medically-oriented commands. After you've had a chance to look these over and try them, we strongly suggest that you learn to make your own text commands appropriate to your medical specialty, practice and workflows. They are extremely easy and require no programming knowledge. Likewise, we encourage you to modify any of the commands we offer here.

Although the majority of these commands are directed to the medical audience, the navigation commands and utility commands will likely be useful for non-medical users.

If you have additional commands you are willing to donate to this section please email us!

Commands for Downloading

Disclaimer: these are commands come from the collections of individual practitioners and are intended to serve as a starter set for your own use. They are not intended to provide useable medical knowledge or substitute in any way for your own clinical judgment or practice pattern. We recommend that you review these and change them, as appropriate, to conform to the way you practice medicine.

Importing these commands into your copy of Dragon Professional or Medical:

  1. Download the command set by clicking on the category names and then saving the file to any place on your hard drive (ideally in a labeled fo lder).
  2. Open Dragon "Command Browser" (go to tools > command browser)
  3. Under the "Mode" menu, select "Manage"
  4. Click on the tab on the left menu named "Import"
  5. Navigate to the location of the saved command file, select the command set to import and click on the "Open" button.
  6. On the Import Commands dialog box that opens, select "Import"

Additional Information about these commands:

  • View a spreadsheet overviewing all of the commands and associated text
  • Download a "cheat-sheet" of all our medical commands

Medical Commands:

CIS Commands: This set of commands is designed only for use in Dartmouth-Hitchcock's home-grown EMR (CIS) and you should not download these (and will find no use for them) if you are not a CIS user.

Consent: This is a series of text commands used to document the discussion and counseling done before performing common procedures

Counseling: These commands are intended to document the discussion medical providers provide while counseling patients with hypertension, elevated lipids, sect.

Differential Diagnosis: This group of commands will provide a quick differential diagnosis for a variety of common symptoms, clinical conditions, etc.

Examination: This set includes a variety of text commands related to documenting the physical exam and ranges from brief and more extensive boilerplate exams for both men and women, and also "snippets" of exams for quickly documenting an accurate exam without having to worry about removing things that were abnormal or not examined. (With our permission, Nuance borrowed this set of commands and incorporated them directly into Dragon Medical 10.1, calling them "Medical Normals".)

Management: This group of text commands provides documentation of management strategies for selected common medical conditions.

Note Content: This is a limited group of text commands related to simple portions of the office or admission note that you might want to enter in a simple manner if completely negative, such as lack of allergies, a negative family history, or a negative review of systems.

Note Template: if you don't already have structured note templates built into your EMR or documentation system, this is a command set that will spit out the bare bones of an admission note, simple office SOAP note, etc. These structured note templates come with navigation fields built in to facilitate quick navigation through a note using either "dragon templates" (saying "next field" or "previous field") or movement to a specific navigation site using the "navigation field" command in the category below.

General Commands (for all users):

Navigation commands: this is a short set of commands that extends the "dragon template" navigation functionality of Dragon 10 Medical by allowing you to navigate directly to a specific field, rather than navigating sequentially forward or backward in a document.

Outline and List Commands: This set of commands is intended to help any user create simple lists and outlines without having to go through the labor of saying "New line, numeral one period", etc.

Utility Commands: this is a broad category of commands that will help you do a variety of common things on your pc with Dragon. You'll have to look at the list to fully appreciate what these do.

Other Sources of Commands

These links will bring you to other sources of commands on-line, some of which are free and some of which require payment.


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