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Microphone Selection Guide:  Quick Recommendations

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Want to make a quick decision on a new microphone?

For the user who doesn't want to spend the day deciding on a new product, we have distilled the last 6 years of our experience into this set of quick recommendations.  Here we provide you with our best recommendations.

Cost effective upgrade: Looking to upgrade from the microphone that came with Dragon but have a limited budget? Consider some of the following:

Best Wired Microphone: Looking for the highest quality wired microphone? See Microphones for Advanced Users and consider any of the following:

  • SpeechWare FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid (we recommend combining this mic with either Andrea Pure Audio MA USB adapter or the SpeechWare MultiAdapter)
  • Sennheiser ME3 (the "combo" which includes the Buddy 7G USB adapter is recommended for Windows users; for Mac users we recommend combining the ME3 with the Andrea Pure Audio MA USB adapter)

Best Wireless Microphone: Looking for the best wireless microphone that can also be used with your wired telephone? Pick the Sennheiser DW Pro-1 or DW Pro-2 (see "Wireless Microphones"). If you absolutely need bluetooth, consider the VXI Xpress. 

Best hand-held mic for use with Dragon:

  • If you using the medical version of Dragon and looking for the convenience of a hand-held microphone with programmable buttons? Get the Dictaphone PowerMic III (see "Handheld Microphones") The PowerMic III is an upgrade from the prior PowerMic II but is identical in terms of performance.
  • If you are using a non-medical version of Dragon, you can use the PowerMic III described above if you combine it with Octopus USB controller. Otherwise consider the use of Philips SpeechMike Premium (wired with USB interface) or the SpeechMike Air (wireless with base connecting via USB)

Best Desktop Microphone: Want a high quality desktop microphone without a lot of complications? Choose the Speechware 3-in-1, 6-in-1 or 9-in-1 Tablemike (see "Desktop Microphones").

Best Microphone for the Notebook User: For the mobile user that needs an easily transportable microphone that is highly accurate and noise canceling and that neither needs to be held or worn, we highly recommend the SpeechWare TravelMike.

Inexpensive Replacement: Lost the microphone that came with your product and looking for an inexpensive replacement? Check out the Cyber Acoustics AC201. Another alternative is the Andrea NC 181 (one speaker) or NC 185 (2 speakers).



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