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Instructions for Using a USB Sound Adapter

For those using a sound adapter manufactured by Andrea, Buddy or VXI, the process should be quite simple. For any application, drivers are automatically installed from the Windows database when the device is first plugged into a USB port.

[See also our "Microphone Troubleshooting Page" if you're having troubles with a sound adapter or microphone]

With NaturallySpeaking

When using such an adapter with Dragon NaturallySpeaking you simply need to plug in the device, wait for the drivers to be automatically installed from the Windows database, and then start Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

If you have previously been using Dragon with your on-board sound card, it is now necessary to run the Audio Set-up Wizard and let Dragon know to use the sound adapter rather than your on-board sound card. Do this as follows:

1. Start Dragon.

2. Open the Audio set-up Wizard via Tools > Accuracy Center > Check My Audio Settings.

3. If your sound adapter is attached, in the initial screen, you will be given a choice of sound devices:

4. Select the AK5370 if using the Andrea or VXI adapters or one called"Buddy USB 5G " if using the Buddy sound adapter.

5. Do not select the default button.

6. Select next and continue with audio set-up wizard.

With Other Applications

When using an external sound adapter with Skype or other applications other than Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it may be necessary to manually select the sound adapter as your preferred audio recording device. You should do this only if the application doesn't have another method of choosing the audio input device. This is done as follows:

1. Open the Sound and Audio Device Controller via Start > All Programs > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. This will bring you to the following panel on which you should click on the "Voice" tab.

3. Look under "Sound Recording" and be sure that the default device is your USB sound adapter. If you are using an Andrea or VXI sound adapter you will see AK5370. If you are using a Buddy Sound Adapter you will choose "Buddy USB 5G".

4. If you are using a duplex adapter, such as the Buddy 5G or VXI Duplex adapter, you may also want to choose this adapter as the default 'Voice Playback" device.

5. Once you have selected your sound adapter, you should test it by clicking on the "Test Hardware" button and following the subsequent instructions.

For information on troubleshooting your microphone, please visit our Microphone Troubleshooting Instruction Page.


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