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Setting Up the Samson Airline 77 for Speech Recognition

This is an outstanding wireless system, but since it is manufactured for a variety of uses and not specifically for use with a PC, it is necessary to perform a brief "set-up" before successfully using this system.

Before starting, if you purchased this microphone from Speech Recognition Solutions, we have already performed a simple modification to increase the output of the head-worn transmitter to a level suitable for speech recognition use. If you purchased the microphone directly from a large retailer or music equipment wholesaler, you may need to perform this simple "tweak" yourself. In order to do so, please visit our Samson Airline 77 Transmitter Tweak page.

The Basic Set-Up:

1. Insert a fresh AAA battery in the battery compartment of the AH1 transmitter by carefully removing the battery cover (use a fingernail to slide the compartment directly away from the transmitter housing). Be sure to follow the picture within the battery compartment to be sure the positive terminal of the battery is facing the correct direction.

2. Confirm your transmitter is operational by sliding the power switch in the direction of the arrow and confirming a brief flash of a red LED on the housing body. This confirms a charged battery. Once tested, turn the power off.

3. Mount the AH1 transmitter on your head in the fashion shown in the user's guide. The microphone arises from the left side when properly mounted

4. Connect the power cord to the CR7 transmitter.

5. Connect the large end of the separately supplied XLR to 3.5 mm cable to the back of the CR7 transmitter and the smaller connector to the microphone input jack on your USB adapter or computer microphone input jack.

6. Power up the transmitter. Until the headset transmitter is powered up you will see nothing but the illumination of the red power button [7].

7. Turn on the power on the AH7 Headset transmitter. A proper connection to the receiver will be signaled by illumination of the bars across the transmitter's "RF Meter".

8. Rotate the small squelch knob all the way counter-clockwise to the "min" setting.

9. To confirm your connection, speak into the microphone. You should see some bars illuminate in the "Audio Meter".

This completes the mechanical set-up.

Set the proper audio output on the CR

Realizing that the transmitter is designed for a variety of uses, you will need to tweak the transmitter audio output using "Volume" knob on the left of the transmitter while observing the output in your desired application. In the case of speech recognition software, this is best accomplished while inside Dragon's "Audio Set-up Wizard". Here are the basic steps:

1. Complete above mechanical set up and be sure both transmitter and receiver are turned on and you see 2-3 bars illuminating on the transmitter audio meter when speaking.

2. Set the "Volume" knob on the CR7 transmitter about 1/2 way between the lowest and highest setting.

3. Open Dragon NaturallySpeaking and open the Audio Setup Wizard by choosing Tools > Accuracy Center > Check Your Audio Settings. Be sure you check the audio device to which your have connected the Samson transmitter (in this example an Andrea USB sound adapter which shows up as "AK

3. Click the next button and begin your microphone volume set up. The goal is for the green bar to end up about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up from the bottom.

  • If the volume bar is all the way to the bottom or just barely visible, it means Dragon is sensing a high volume from the transmitter and you should turn the transmitter volume knob down a bit and repeat the volume check.

  • If the volume bar is more than 1/3 of the way up, you should rotate the volume knob slightly clockwise to increase the volume slightly and repeat the volume test.

4. When the volume has been successfully set using step 3, click next and complete the audio setup wizard.

You're done! If you have any questions, please give us a call (toll free) at 866-778-0524. Enjoy this wonderful wireless microphone!



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