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Clearance and Barely Used Products

Clearance Items:

Occasionally we accumulate more stock of a product than we need or an upgraded version becomes available. In this situtation we will offer you products at a substancial discount. Unlike the "barely used" items described below, our clearance items are brand new, never touched, never sold, and can be expected to provide perfect functioning and include a full manufacturer's warranty. Because we are selling our clearance products at a steep discount, all sales on these products are final and no returns are accepted.

Barely Used Products:

One of the downsides of offering a very liberal return policy is the gradual accumulation of some excellent microphones and other products that just didn't pass the muster with another buyer. Generally speaking these are microphones that were used only for a day or two and weren't what the buyer was expecting. In many situations the microphone simply wasn't comfortable or compatible with a buyer's hardware. We have a small stock of such microphones and are happy to make these available to you at substantial savings (often at or below our cost). These microphones have been tested and work perfectly and show no signs whatsoever of wear. Because they were never registered and barely saw the light of day, you can enjoy the full manufacturer's warranty with these microphones.

Features include:

  1. All microphones have been returned within a week or two of use by the original purchaser
  2. All microphones have been examined and are free of evidence of wear
  3. All microphone have been tested and are completely functional
  4. All microphones have been cleaned
  5. All original parts, warranty information, instructions, etc. are included

Our current selection of "barely used" products can be seen by clicking on the link below. If for any reason you're not happy with the microphone you receive, simply send it back and get a full refund! The only thing you stand to lose is a couple of dollars on the return shipping. For information on returns, please read our full return policy. Special note, we do not accept returns on opened software.

To see a listing of all of our "barely used" and "clearance" products, please CLICK HERE.

Questions about these microphones? Please call us at 866-778-0524

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