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Dragon Professional Anywhere

Cloud-based Speech Recognition

Nuance's Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) is a cloud-based Speech Recognition solution that allows business professionals to create high-quality documentation using their voice. Consider these features:

Are you ready to switch from typing to talking and see your efficiency skyrocket? View additional information below, watch a demonstration, or request a free trial today.

Three versions depending upon your needs

  1. Dragon Professional Anywhere:  this version is intended for the general user and does not put excessive weight on either medical or legal terms.  It is designed for writers, social workers, those in banking and the financial services industry, and just about anyone that doesn't fit into the law enforcement, medical or legal areas.  

  2. Dragon Professional Anywhere Law Enforcement:  this versions builds upon the success of Dragon Law Enforcement in extending the ability of patrol officers and detectives to capture incident reports and investigatory notes anytime, anywhere.  The goals of this version are to improve the efficiency of documentation, extend the settings in which reports can be created (using the included mobile app), reducing officer burnout by allowing them to do what they do best:  active policing and serving their communities rather than dealing with paperwork at the station.

  3. Dragon Legal Anywhere:  this version is designed to empower attorneys in creating high-quality documentation and and saving time and money.  It includes a specialized legal vocabulary, formatting rules appropriate to legal terminology and is designed to integrate directly into legal work-flows.  Using both auto texts and step-by-step commands, a great amount of time can be saved on repetitive tasks and efficiency greatly extended.

Understanding the Process

A subscription to Dragon Professional Anywhere, in any of its 3 versions (Professional, Law Enforcement, & Legal) provides you with access to both a small application running on your Windows based computer and an application that runs on your mobile device (Apple and Android). From either location, you can dictate text in a process in which your audio signal is compressed, sent to a cloud-based server, and in a process that is nearly immediate, it sends back to your device the text or the instructions you requested. It works every bit as fast as traditional computer based speech recognition (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) and is actually more accurate than any other product. What it can do for you is the following:

Why Purchase from Speech Recognition Solutions?

In a nutshell, Speech Recognition Solutions is not just a reseller of Dragon cloud-base products. Its founder, Jon Wahrenberger, is a long-term user of the technology. Nuance has turned to Dr. Wahrenberger many times over the years for product development input. Speech Recognition Solutions has written the definitive guide to the medical version of Nuance cloud-based speech recognition, Dragon Medical One: The Unofficial Guide," and has just published an authoritative 138-page guide on the use of all four versions of Nuance cloud-based speech recognition Cloud-Based Speech Recognition: the Unofficial Guide (see below.) We use the product and know it like no-one else. And we put this experience to work for you.

Subscription Options:

Dragon Professional Individual is a "software as a service" (SaaS) and is sold on a subscription basis. It is sold in one-year contracts and can be paid monthly via credit card or in a lump sum. During the subscription, you can access your product on an unlimited number of computers and will enjoy periodic updates during the life of your subscription. Although you can use it on multiple computers, the license agreement specifies that a subscription is for the use of just one individual.

For all of the versions, we sell "professional services" which are hourly blocks of time with an application expert who will assist in the installation and initial training. We contract this process with Certified eSupport, a company that knows and can teach or troubleshoot the product like no-one else!

As of early March of 2021, the purchase of "professional services," which includes an hour of support in the installation and use of the software, became mandatory. This service is provided through our support vendor, Certified eSupport. Although we're not overjoyed about this becoming mandatory (we don't think it's necessary for most users) it will not stop you from accessing your subscription on your own and using the product with or without added support.

As a Speech Recognition Solutions exclusive, all of our customers are given electronic access to our 138-page "Cloud-Based Speech Recognition: the Unofficial User Guide." And no, you don't need to read a 138-page book to figure out DPA! It's there for a reference and is intended to provide you with extra details that may help you in better utilizing the application. We provide it as a password protected electronic document (PDF).

Demo Software

For those interested, Speech Recognition Solutions is delighted to provide access to a fully-functioning demo of any version of DPA. This will allow you a commitment-free "test drive" before committing to a year-long subscription. To arrange for a demo, please contact us at:

The Purchasing Process

Cloud-based version of Dragon are sold on a subscription basis, come in one-year terms, and can be paid either monthly or in a lump sum. Purchases are made only through Nuance's web site, You can purchase in one of two ways, with the price being the same for each:

  1. White Glove Service: To use our "white glove service", we start with a phone call and gather some information about your needs. Upon collecting the needed information, we will create your account for you on, populate your shopping cart, and you will receive information about your account via email and will go on-line to create your personalized password and to complete the purchase process (of the right product(s)!) by confirming your purchase and providing necessary credit card information. The advantage of this scenario is that we will be sure that you order the correct product, correct terms, and everything will be pre-prepared for you. If there are any available promotions, we will be sure that your pricing includes these promotions.

    To take advantage of our White Glove Service, please call us now at 866-778-0524 or email us at or

  2. On your own: For the independent minded who don't mind dealing with a potentially confusing website with lot's of options, you can simply log on to, create an account, find your product, and complete the purchase process without our assistance. The downside is that the Nuance site lists a lot of products with a lot of variations, and the process can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Aside from the uncertainty, there is a small risk you might order the wrong product. The upside is that you can do it RIGHT NOW and be using cloud based speech recognition hours to a day or so more quickly.

Please note that the promotional pricing described below is ending at the end of the day April 30, 2021. Order soon so you don't lose this benefit. Also, please note the promotion mentioned at the top of this page offering a free PowerMic III (coiled cord version) for the first 5 subscribers with Speech Recognition Solutions during the month of April.

Dragon Professional Anywhere Terms, Pricing and Ordering

In addition to the above costs, a mandatory one-time $175 implementation fee is required with your initial subscription. This fee covers formal support by Certified eSupport to assist, as needed, with software installation, training and work flow optimization.

Dragon Professional Anywhere Law Enforcement

In addition to the above costs, a mandatory one-time $175 implementation fee is required with your initial subscription. This fee covers formal support by Certified eSupport to assist, as needed, with software installation, training and work flow optimization.

Dragon Legal Anywhere

In addition to the above costs, a mandatory one-time $175 implementation fee is required with your initial subscription. This fee covers formal support by Certified eSupport to assist, as needed, with software installation, training and work flow optimization.

Additional Information & Resources

For additional questions please call or email us. You might also find some other resources provided below to be of help your pre-purchase decision making.

See general version in action:
See law enforcement version in action:
See the legal version in action:

Read our book!

For the user in which Nuance cloud-based speech recognition is "mission critical" and requiring a more advance understanding of the program, Speech Recognition Solutions' founder, Jon Wahrenberger, has penned the authoritative guide to the application.  Spiral-bound to facilitate simple desktop use, the guide is 138 pages, is broken into 13 chapters, and includes extensive reference material.  It starts with a "must read" chapter which presents the "bare essentials" on using the application.  Everything else is a "look under the hood" at many of the advanced features of the program which, when understood, can truly push your productivity to new levels.  Advanced topics include use of Auto-Texts, Step-by-step, commands, nuances of the Dictation Box, and use of text anchoring.  For the medical user it includes chapters on use of the PowerMic Mobile and using Dragon Medical One with an EMR.  For the non-medical user, it includes a chapter on the Dragon Anywhere mobile application.  It includes an easily printable overview of all built in Commands.  It extensively covers use of microphones with the applications, and has a chapter dedicated to navigating the potential connections issues resulting from multiple device and microphone interface options.  For the Mac user, it includes a chapter related to using these applications with Boot Camp or with a virtualized Windows operating system. 

To our knowledge, this is the only book on the topic.  It is NOT relevant to client-side versions of Dragon (Dragon Pro 15, DMPE2, DMPE4, DMNE) and focuses on Dragon Professional Anywhere, Dragon Pro Anywhere Law Enforcement, Dragon Legal Anywhere, and Dragon Medical One.)

The book is sold either as a password-protected PDF for $9.99 or a printed 138-page spiral bound book $39.99. Either version is the perfect desktop companion for the user wanted to maximize his/her productivity using any of the Nuance cloud-based software applications.

Additional Information:

Technical Specifications and Requirements

Operating systems

Processor speed


Dragon Anywhere Mobile

Active Wi-Fi or cellular connection required.


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