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User Guides

Below is a list of user guides created by Speech Recognition Solutions and which are related to products we commonly sell and tutorials related to procedures and methods that are sometimes useful to our customers. Please allow these documents to assist in your use of speech recognition technology and the use of our products in other applications.

Click on any of the links on the left of each table below to view a PDF version of the guide or tutorial.

General Guides

Microphone Buying Guide

A general guide to help with product selection

Microphone Set-up & Troubleshooting Guide

An overview of how to set-up and troubleshoot a new microphone

SpeechWare Guides

FlexyMike Dual Ear Cardioid

Product User Guide

FlexyMike Single Ear

Product User Guide

Octopus USB Controller

Product User Guide

TableMike (all versions)

Product User Guide


Product User Guide

TravelMike Accessory Kit

Product User Guide

USB MultiAdapter

Product User Guide

Nuance Product Guides

Cloud Based Speech Recognition: Quick Start Guide A quick overview of the use of Dragon Professional Anywhere, Dragon Medical One, and Dragon Legal Anywhere
Dragon Anywhere mobile application - Quick Start Guide  

Dragon Medical One

Our "unofficial guide" to this unique cloud-based speech recognition product

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 (DMPE2)

Our published book on DMPE2 - includes lots of information applicable to DMPE4

PowerMic III

Product User Guide

Using the PowerMic III with Dragon Pro 15

Tutorial on using a PowerMic with pro versions of Dragon

Philips Guides

DPM8000 (digital recorder)

Product User Guide

DPM9600 (digital recorder)

Product User Guide

PSM6000 (SpeechOne)

Product User Guide

SpeechMike Premium

Product User Guide

Sennheiser Guides

Sennheiser ME3 and ME3 Combo

Product User Guide

Adapter for ME3

Product User Guide



Other Guides and Tutorials

Alead LiveMic3

Product User Guide

Audio Jack Tutorial


Microphone Connections Illustrated

A visual overview of commonly employed microphone connections with computers and mobile devices

Grundig SonicMic3

Product User Guide

Shotgun Mic Tutorial

A brief overview of shotgun mic technology

Using a Digital Recorder with Dragon

Tutorial on using a digital recorder with Dragon

VTech Retro Phone Handset

User Guide included with the vtech product

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