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Microphone Selection Guide:  Our Rating System

Our Rating System
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Comparing microphones is a difficult task as objective criteria for such comparisons are difficult if not impossible to develop. Further complicating matters is the likely variability of microphones based on dictation environment, user voice qualities, dictation style, and computer. What we have used to develop our rating for each microphone is admittedly somewhat subjective and is based on a series of factors, including:

  • our own experience in using these microphones*
  • feedback from customers
  • comments and evaluations posted on on-line forums
  • ratings provided by other microphone dealers**

We will provide relative rating of microphones using a scale of 1-5, shown visually as follows:

Fair Excellent

*Our true "proving ground" for the quality of a microphone is our experience on a busy and noisy hospital ward. In significantly quieter environments the differences between microphones can be expected to be somewhat less.

**Specifically, we have taken into account recommendations provided on-line by knowbrainer and emicrophones



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