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If you have a physical disability or other challenges and your computer is an essential tool that you can't compromise, you may be particularly sensitive to issues of attachment site, comfort, and connectivity. You may find some of the following characteristics important when you choose a microphone:

  • The Sennheiser ME3 attaches fairly rigidly to your head. While this results in a very secure attachment and little likelihood of the microphone element moving away from its proper position, some users find it to be slightly stiff and uncomfortable. Another potential disadvantage of the ME3 is that it does not include speakers, so if you're using it for a telephone substitute, recognize that the sounds will be coming from your PC speaker and not the headset. The Sennheiser ME3 is, however, the leader in terms of accuracy and highly durable.
  • The UmeVoice theBoom V4 is highly accurate, lightweight, and comfortable. It takes a bit of manipulation to get it attached properly to your ear, but once in position is secure.
  • The Plantronics CS50-USB has many great features, including excellent accuracy, a wireless connection, and the ability to mount it to your head in a variety of ways. It comes with several different ear mounting schemes and also a traditional "over the head" headset attachment system. As an ear mounted microphone we don't consider it quite as comfortable as the theBoom V4, but the lack of wires is a definite plus!
  • The Plantronics CS55 Hybrid microphone is unique in being compatible with both a personal computer and telephone. Like the CS50-USB, it allow multiple means of attachment.
  • The Revolabs Xtag is the most comfortable microphone we sell and is the only one that does not actually attach to the head. Rather, it sits either in a breast pocket or hangs from a lightweight lanyard which goes around your neck.

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