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To put it simply, it's not about the money. We charge for the microphones and accessories, but the markup is relatively small and it won't pay for college for my daughter. The real reason we're here is to help others in their efforts to successfully utilize speech recognition software. You will notice that there isn't a device that we make that we won't show you how to construct. And we'll help you find low cost sources of parts.

Once you've got the proper equipment, including suitable computer, software and microphone, then you'll want to optimize your use of speech recognition software and achieve the greatest accuracy possible. Here are some links to help you in the process. Enjoy!

Free Speech Recognition Resources

Accuracy Optimizing Guide: This is our culling of several years of speech recognition software technology experience into the essentials for optimizing accuracy. View Optimizing Accuracy Guide.

Command Building Guide: Although a poor substitute for Larry Allen's Scripting for NaturallySpeaking 9 (which we highly recommend), this is a free "getting started" guide on building simple advanced scripting and Legacy (DVC) commands. View command building guide.

Commands for Downloading: Although constructed by a physician and intended primarily for medical practitioners, this collection of commands may be useful to others with NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical or Legal Solutions. All of the commands are available for free downloading and your personal use. View Downloadable Command Page

Information for Macintosh Users: For the happy minority enjoying their personal computing from the friendly environment of an Apple computer, we provide some information on using speech recognition software from the Macintosh platform. View Macintosh Speech Recognition Resources.

Microphone Compatibility Guide: This is a quick guide to help you predict which products will work with specific operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the Mac OS. View Microphone Compatibility Guide.

Microphone Selection Guide: For those needing advice on the choice of a microphone, this is the place to learn about, compare and contrast currently available microphones for speech recognition software. View Microphone Selection Guide.

Miscellaneous Speech Recognition Resources: This is a collection of links, downloads, instructions and a variety of other resources that we found useful and thought should be available. View SR resources

Web Links: This is a collection of links related to speech recognition technology, including sources of equipment, places to find macros, web forums and lots more. View Web Links


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