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BoomerangMicrophones and Accessories - 30 Day Return Policy for complete, undamaged products

General Return Policy: As we provide only high quality microphones and attempt to assist you in selecting the right product for your needs, we have very few returns. We are committed, nonetheless, to your satisfaction. If, within the first month of your purchase you decide you are not happy with your product or products, we will assist you (subject to the conditions listed below) in returning the item(s) and providing a refund.

The only condition we require to allow a return and provide a refund is that your product or products are returned to us undamaged and in sellable condition. In particular we require:

  1. You include all parts, warranty cards, manuals, etc.
  2. You include all original manufacturer's packaging
  3. Your item does not show evidence of damage or wear
  4. Your item does not smell of cigarette smoke*

Requesting a Return: In order to return an item, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Please let us know of your intension to return a product, either by phone (866-778-0524) or via email ( Items that are returned without some form of communication and approval will not be accepted.
  2. If the issue is one of comfort or style, we will simply ask you to return the product and expect you to pay shipping to our place of business in Hanover, NH. Once we have confirmed that the product has been returned and with all original parts and packaging, we will return your funds (excluding shipping costs) using the method you used to pay (credit card, PayPal, etc.) We will send you an email to confirm that the product has been received and that a refund has been issued.
  3. If you believe the product is in some way dysfunctional or defective, we ask for the opportunity to help you troubleshoot the issue, since we have found that 90% or more of products returned actually work perfectly fine when evaluated in our shop. Sometimes it's just a matter of a quick telephone or email assistance to get it working fine. If we come to the conclusion that the product is, in fact, dysfunctional in some way, we will either replace it or provide you with a refund per your preference. In the event of a confirmed defective product, we will take responsibility for ground shipping both ways, but will not return the cost of international shipping or Next Day or Second Day shipping.
  4. In order for you to receive a full refund on your product, it must be returned in "like-new" condition, with ALL original manufacturer's packaging, instructions, warranty cards, etc. included. If there are missing parts, we will be forced to return the item to you and will not issue a refund.
  5. Please note that we will not return the cost of international shipping and do not return the cost of domestic shipping methods unless it is determined that you received a defective product. We do not under any circumstances return the cost of Next Day or Second Day Air shipping.

*Smoking-Related Damage to Products: We neither sell nor accept in return products which stink of cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker we ask you not to let any product you contemplate returning become impregnated with cigarette smoke. This is not intended as a judgement upon smokers but, rather, a reflection of the simple fact that most individuals do not smoke and will not be happy with a product that smells of cigarettes.

Restocking Fees: We do not charge a "restocking fee" when products are returned in "like new" condition and with all manufacturer's packaging and literature. We will, though, ask that you pay any shipping costs associated with returning the product to us. In the unlikely event that a product is returned damaged or showing evidence of wear, we reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee. In 6 years of business and more than 7000 sales, we have done this only once! As stated above, if there are parts missing and the product cannot be resold as a working "used" product, we will not issue a refund and will return your product to you.

Late Returns: If you've had a product for more than 4 weeks and feel that there are circumstances that make it reasonable and necessary to return it, please talk with us about it. We'll certainly consider your circumstances and request. But we make no promises about accepting goods beyond 4 weeks after the sale.

"Clearance Products": Because products in our "clearance" category are highly discounted and being sold for a loss, we cannot accept returns on these products.

Software, Videos & Books - No Returns

For obvious reasons, we do not allow returns on software once the box is opened. If you change your mind about a software purchase before you've opened the box, please contact us to arrange a return. We do not charge a restocking fee on software which is returned unopened and without external damage. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to return a software product once opened, your only option will be to take up your case with the software manufacturer. Similarly, we do not accept returns on books or videos once opened.

Warranty Claims

Speech Recognition Solutions promises to send you a brand new, normally functioning product. Should your product not work properly upon arrival or fail for any reason during the initial 4-week period, we will gladly accept your microphone in return and provide you with either a replacement product or refund, depending upon your preference. The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product to Speech Recognition Solutions; we will cover the cost of returning the repaired/replaced product via standard UPS/USPS service. The customer may request expedited delivery options at their expense.

Should a product fail to work properly after the initial 4-week period we will ask you to take up the issue with the microphone manufacturer and will assist you as needed in finding proper channels for making your warranty claim with the manufacturer.

Contact numbers for warranty claims and manufacturer's technical support:

Andrea: 800-707-5779 or 631-719-1800
Buddy (Insync Speech Technologies): (905) 488-9719
Dictaphone: 781-565-5000
Jabra: 800-327-2230 
Olympus: (800) 622-6372
Philips: (212) 536-0500
Plantronics: (800) 544-4660
Radio Shack: 800-843-7422
Revolabs: 1-800-326-1088
Samson: 631-784-2200 or 800-372-6766
Sennheiser: (860) 434-9190
Shure: 800.516.2525 ext. 4
Speechware: We handle SpeechWare warranty claims; please call us at 866-778-0524.
Umevoice/theBoom: 415.883.1500
VXI: 800.742.8588


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