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Purchasing Assistance

About Speech Recognition Solutions: Learn more about us, our business philosophy, and our history. See our names and faces.

Microphone Selection Guide: This comprehensive guide from Speech Recognition Solutions reviews all the commonly sold microphones for use with speech recognition software and may lead you in the right direction when considering purchase of a speech recognition microphone.

Microphones for the Mac User: MacIntosh computers require the use of a microphone which interfaces via USB. This guide provide an overview of good options.

Speech Recognition and the iPad: if you are looking for a microphone to use with your iPhone, iPad or other portable device, this comprehensive guide provides a wealth of information about both the products and methods of use.


Self-Help & Troubleshooting Resources

For detailed support and troubleshooting guidance, please visit the Speech Recognition Solutions Dragon Support and Troubleshooting Tutorial Page or click on a specific topic below.

Quicklinks to Support Topics:

Audio Issues
Digital Recorders
Dragon User Guides
DNS End User WorkBooks

Mac Users
USB Adapters
User Guides
Video Tutorials

Personalized Support

Speech Recognition Solutions offers additional training and trouble-shooting in a number of ways.

Remote Support: For on-line or telephone based training, support, or trouble-shooting, Speech Recognition Solutions has partnered with a leading provider of Dragon support and is happy to offer a comprehensive set of support options to assist in your installation and use of the software. General support options include:

  • Personalized installation and product orientation
  • Specific troubleshooting
  • Live chat for instant assistance during working hours
  • Access to a comprehensive KnowledgeBase
  • Access to a "call-back" system
  • Personalized training
  • Custom command development support

For more information on these formal support options, please visit our Formal Support Overview Page.

On-Site Support: If use of speech recognition software is "mission critical" and you are not getting the results you expect after watching the tutorials included with the software and browsing our various support resources, it may be reasonable to consider some formal one-on-one training. Although such training can happen in person, and we can arrange for this, it is often more practical to set up some personalized on-line training. Either way, we can assist you in making this happen.

Speech Recognition Solutions has partnered with several highly experienced trainers and can facilitate direct contact in order to make such training happen. Keep in mind that successful training requires 2-4 hours and is best followed by a much briefer follow-up session several weeks later. Also keep in mind that formal training is pricey. We don't set the rate and do not profit in any way from your training ... we simply make the referral.

For more information on formal training, please call us at 866-778-0524 or email us at

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Contact Us

We stand behind our products and offer telephone support for our customers that are having difficultly with products purchased from us. If you have worked your way through the self-help resources listed above and are still having difficulties, please contact us using the following methods:

A note about contacting us: We are not a huge corporation with a "technical support department". Most of the time it's Kate, Tony & Jon and we're working on order fulfillment, web-site maintenance, and technical support. If the line is busy and you go to voicemail, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE! We will call you back quickly and do our best to assist.

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