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We knew that entering this "niche market" wouldn't be easy and that our best hope of succeeding would result from providing top quality equipment, competitive prices, and excellent support - before, during and after every order. Are we succeeding? Let us answer by showing you just a fraction of the positive feedback we have received from customers.

I just wanted take on their opportunity to thank you for your quick and prompt service. I would also like to endorse the use of the ME3  headset for speech recognition usage. Having used Dragon NaturallySpeaking basically since its inception I now find that my accuracy is so close to 100% it's incredible! I attribute this to this outstanding headset as it really does make a difference not having earphones so you can hear yourself talk and  also hear yourself think. Thank you so much for making my dictation experiences so much more effective and bringing this product to market and demonstrating that you would stand behind it.

Bruce N.
Beaumont, TX
June 14, 2011

Again, thank you for your help. As you predicted, the mic was delivered overnight. I had a chance to plug it in and use it (in fact, I'm using it now), and I'm absolutely delighted with it. It has the best performance of any of the mics I've tried so far. The noise rejection is excellent, and the fidelity of reproduction is near perfect with Dragon 11 (on a Mac). Plus, the desktop footprint is surprisingly small and works well for my application.

I'll be sure to recommend your company to my colleagues.

Matt S.
Cambridge, MA
October 26, 2010

Hi Jon,

thank you for shipping my mic [Sennheiser ME3] and USB adapter so quickly and at such a reasonable cost. I must say that I am extremely impressed by the microphone's ability to correctly send Dragon my Speech. I have used speech recognition software for many years and have always found it to struggle to make it work correctly. Most the time I seems have spent more time fixing the document that was dictated than it would've taken me to type it. Breathing could create a whole paragraph of useless words. This [new microphone] has made me believe in dragons claim that it could be 99% accurate all you have to do is get a microphone that actually works.

Thank you very much once again. I will definitely recommend your products and future.

Coral Courtney
March 20, 2009
Ontario, Canada

Jon, just wanted to let you know that with the BW-900 Sennheiser and the Select Switch and Buddy hook-up (the combination of your great thinking ability),I am running one of the best Speech recognition systems around. These items mastered through Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred ver-9.0 have proven to be very effective and also very accurate. I could not have accomplished this without your assistance and guidence. Thank you and your staff for providing one of the finest Media Sales Orginizations I have ever experienced.  Just had to let you know and tell how much I appreciate you.

Vernon Martin
London, Kentucky
January 15, 2009

When asked if we could post his comments above, Vernon replied

"Please feel free to use it however you wish. I have found you and your people to be the most people oriented that I have run across in a long time. I will be in touch as we go along and any items related to my use will certainly come from your company. I can order anything from you and know that I get the best of Price- support-and followup... Thank you again. Vernon Martin"

I just wanted to tell you that the microphone arrived Monday, and it is great!  The improvement in the Dragon 10 Preferred is significant, and because of the microphone you recommended, the program will become much more useful to me.  Dragon should send one of these out with each of their programs; it would prevent a lot of their customers from becoming frustrated and dissatisfied with their product.

Thanks again for your help,

George Laird
West Jordon, Utah
December 3, 2008


In a world of mediocre customer service, I tremendously appreciate your excellent attitude, courteous service-and truly taking the time to care way beyond just "making a sale." In a world of homogenized Internet shoppers, it is the ability to find someone like you that truly creates the essence of value-for value is not only a price, but more importantly it is finding someone who has the product knowledge to lead you in the right direction when making a choice in trying to find the right application solutions.

M. Jacobs
Wantagh, NY
February 28, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge about
the microphones with me.  I received the microphone, and I'm very pleased
with it.  It's taken some time to get used to having it rest differently
than ones with the ear pads, but I'm pleased to say that I'm actually
dictating this e-mail to you.  The microphone and the adapter has made all
the difference in being successful with this speech recognition software.

So thank you again for helping me make the most of my investment. I
appreciated your help in guiding me to the best choice of the product for
the money.  And thanks to your wife who also gave me some good advice. I
will definitely recommend your site to anyone looking for speech recognition
equipment and knowledge.  Your website also helped to easily compare the
different choices of microphones and prices.  It also lists many free
resources which were very helpful as well.

Have a wonderful holiday season.  And thank you again for all your help.

Sheryl Robinson
Des Plaines, IL
December 10, 2007

You are running a fabulous business and have excellent delivery and customer service as well as the most competitive prices in this niche.  It has been more than a pleasure to do business with you, and I will definitely think of you first for future needs of this type.  I also wanted to mention how wonderfully helpful your free DNS commands on your website have been.  They have guided me along in learning very advanced scripting and streamlining my dictation with dialogs and boilerplates.  Thanks so much for all of this!  I will highly recommend you to everyone I know!

Tara L, Rivesville, WV
August 7, 2007

I just received the microphone in the mail. I can't believe how much better it is compared to my other microphone. It has been nothing but brilliant!

Once again I would like to say thank you for your kindness and your troubles - it is much appreciated. I will definately be purchasing from you again when I need to buy more speech recognition equipment.

Kind Regards,
-Jake P, Australia

Just to give you quick update. My Sennheiser ME3 microphone with adapter and Andrea sound pod arrived as you had anticipated, on Friday. 

I'm extremely delighted with my purchase, which is as promised.  I do not know how you do it, in that the microphone is made in Germany, my order was placed in the UK and the package was bought and delivered from America for less than half the price even including the duty that I could buy just the microphone on its own for in the UK.

Once again I thank you for your excellent service and quick response to all my questions.

You will definitely be my first choice for any future speech recognition needs I may have.

-John N, Oxted Surrey, UK

"Thanks so much for your note and telephone call! Top-notch service I  appreciate and will remember when next I need to order similar things, or someone asks for a recommendation. "

-Andrea D., Berkeley, CA

"I purchased a Sennheiser mic and a (necessary) adapter from Speech Recognition Solutions. Just wanted to say thank you for excellent service and nearly immediate delivery.

The adapter works perfectly, and it's priced I think, well below what it's worth. (I never would have spent the money on a Sennheiser without the possibility of also, purchasing a proven adapter.) Considering that I'd had some problems with another supplier who delivered a defective Sennheiser, the support I received in sorting out the problem was very helpful.

Last but not least, the price was highly competitive. Can't say enough by way of positive recommendation."

-Bob R., Salt Lake City UT

"I recently purchased an adapter for my Sennheiser ME3 from The adapter is brilliant and allows me to record dictation into Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro 9, while still retaining the manufacturer's warranty. I thoroughly recommend this company to anyone seeking excellent service, reasonable prices, prompt delivery and after sales care and attention. Thank you, Jon!"

-A very happy customer.
-Julie, Melbourne, Australia

"Thanks  for your patience and for going the extra mile. "

- Dan C., Lubbock, Tx


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