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Dragon Professional Anywhere   Dragon Medical One   Sennheiser ME3 Microphone   Cloud-Based Speech Recognition: Unofficial Guide

The latest version of Dragon for the general user, providing superb speed and accuracy, access via both computer and mobile device, and auto-updating functionality. Priced monthly. Click below to learn more.


  The best speech recognition product for the medical user. Bosts incredible speed, accuracy, and compatibility with almost all EMRs. Cloud-based and sold on a subscription basis with 1,2. and 3-year contracts.


Our highest quality and least-returned headset microphone for the speech recognition user, bar none. Includes our exlusive plug adapter.

$139.95 (Mic +Plug Adapter)
(Combo with USB adapter)


Our own publication dedicated to the use of cloud-based speech recognition. Includes 13 chapters and 138 pages.

$9.95 (PDF Version)
$39.99 (Print Version)

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Philips DPM8000   Octopus USB Controller     SpeechWare TravelMike
SpeechWare 3-in-1 TableMike   Nuance PowerMic III   SoundTech GN-USB-2   SpeechWare TravelMike

Our best selling and highest quality desktop microphone designed for the user not wanting to hold or wear a microphone.



Our favorite hand-held microphone and mic that best integrates with Dragon speech recognition software. Comes with 3 or 9 ft cord.



A cost-effective and well-performing desktop microphone.



A unique, low-profile version of the SpeechWare TableMike which can be used in a variety of ways and which provides amazing results with speech recogntion software


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Retro Headset Microphone   LiveMic2   After Dinner Tricks   Andrea NC 181VM USB Microphone

A comfortable alternative to the bulit-in mic on your mobile device and which gets your mobile phone a bit further away from your head!


  An amazing device that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device or computer and which allows you to turn any analog mic into a wireless mic

  Purely for fun and entertainment, a publication written by Speech Recognition Solutions' founder, Jon Wahrenberger

  One of our best selling and cost effective headset microphone that works solidly with conferencing workflows and with speech recognition software.

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